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Have you been thinking about umpiring? Would you like to give it a try? Contact Tori Yokoyama at

Link to Umpire Schedule below: 


Please plan on attending the Rules Clinic and Mechanics Clinic if you’re planning on umpiring games this season.

  • Rules Clinic: Thursday, 2/7/19 or Wednesday, 2/13/19 at Norman Murray Center (6:00 PM to 9:00 PM)

  • Mechanics Clinic: Saturday, 2/9/19 at Gilleran Park, 24960 Felipe Road, Mission Viejo (8:00 AM to 1:00 PM)

These workshops are FREE to attend and will teach you what you need to know as a volunteer umpire in our league.

JUNIOR UMPIRES (League Age 11 and older)

We will continue our Junior Umpire Program this year.  If your child is interested in participating please send their name, league age and parent contact information to Tori Yokoyama at

Please attend this clinic if you would like to umpire games this year:
Sunday, 2/10/19 (9 AM to 12:00 PM) at Cox Sports Park in Ladera Ranch





Small Diamond 3 Man Mechanics Small Diamond 3 Man Mechanics Big Diamond 3 Man Mechanics Big Diamond 3 Man Mechanics

Small Diamond 2 Man Mechanics

Small Diamond 3 Man Mechanics

Big Diamond 3 Man Mechanics

Big Diamond 4 Man Mechanics


Small Diamond 3 Man Mechanics

  1. With no runners on base PU will have fair foul to the base and UI and U3 will have it at the base and beyond (pane of glass). PU will have all catch/no catch unless U1 or U3 goes out; then remaining umpires will revert to two man mechanics. PU will only verbalize a CATCH. PU should trail the BR to 1st if he believes there is an opportunity for a play at 1st, if not, he should be prepared to move up the 3rd base foul line for a play at 3rd  
  2. With a ball hit within infield or a base hit to the outfield, U3 (positioned on 3B foul line (D) will move into working area to take the BR to 2B. If that takes place, PU will move toward 3B and take the BR to 3B announcing, “I’ve got third if he comes.” U1, who began in the A position, will remain in foul territory watching for any throw back to 1B.  Once the BR releases and commits to 2B, U1 will rotate to HP (point-of-plate).
  1. With R1, U3 will begin in C position with U1 in A. PU will communicate a 1st to 3rd possibility and receive acknowledgement. See rotation in #2 above if R1 proceeds to 3B.
  2. With any R2, U1 will begin in the B position with U3 in the D position. U1 will be responsible for all plays at 2B and all plays at 1B.  U3 will have all plays at 3B.  PU will have all plays at HP.
  3. With R3 only, U1 will begin in the A position with U3 in the D position.  U1 will be responsible for all plays at 1B and 2B.  U3 will be responsible for R3’s retouch of 3B and all plays at 3B.  If U3 goes out on a trouble ball, PU has touch or re-touch at 3rd. If U1 goes out, U3 breaks to working area, has responsibility for 1st and 2nd bases, PU has touch or re-touch at 3rd. PU will be responsible for all plays at HP. 
  4. With R1 and R3 (or bases loaded), U1 will begin in the B position with U3 in the D position (see #4 above).

Please always keep in mind that it is important that you know where the ball is, your shoulders squared to it, do not anticipate where you will think it will go.


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