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SMVLL Welcomes The Challenger Division!
by posted 11/17/2018

The Challenger Division is a separate division of Little League that provides boys and girls with physical, mental and developmental challenges an opportunity to play the game of baseball along with the millions of other children who participate in this sport worldwide.   

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     SMVLL will have a "Juniors Division" Challenger team.  The typical age for Juniors Division players is 4-12.

     Players in the Juniors Division are accompanied during each game by a “buddy” who is a mainstream little leaguer who assists the athlete where necessary in every facet of the game while ensuring a safe and memorable experience for both player and buddy.  The games average two innings, with each player batting and playing in the field each inning. Some hit off the tee, some hit a ball pitched by the coach. No score is kept. The emphasis is on fun, and on the opportunity to learn skills in a safe, supported environment.  

     The Challenger Division in South Mission Viejo Little League is a unique opportunity for your child with special needs to gain confidence and forge social and emotional bonds that will last a lifetime while playing the great game of baseball in a safe and non-competitive environment.  The safety and well-being of your child is our primary concern and we will provide him/her with a safe setting so that he/she may flourish and grow in this unique, life-changing environment.

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